Samamtha Roze - Complementary Therapist. CNHC.CThA.BTPA.FHT.



Samanatha Roze has 28 years experience in Complementary Therapy. Combining her varied knowledge of the body and range of therapies to ensure that each client receives the highest level of treatment suited to their individual needs.


The following pages take you through the range of treatments and services available and give you the opportunity to take your time and find which treatment is right for you.

The services are designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver preventative measures to maintain your wellbeing and increase your performance levels.


I look forward to taking care of you!


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 As of 1st August 2018 our new premises are based in the idyllic old quarter of Mansell Street.

 The building is in the middle where the road divides up to the church on the left and the road on the  right goes up to Contree Mansell.


There is usualy 1 hr parking spaces by the Caves Du Bordeaux and Mansell Street but we do have a designated  parking space behind the 2 cottages on the Rue Du Pre opposite Borough House offices and Cour du Parc, (Guernsey's tower Block !) this will be clear for each client 10 minutes prior to the appoinment time.

Any worries  please feel  free to confirm where the car parking space is prior to appointment please.


 If the desired appointment time doesn't show you can always call us to check for you.



 Simply call me on                            





Parking Space No.17. This is off Rue Du pre just across from the triangle of parking by Park street Infront of Victoria Homes behind these two house's. Borough house offices and Cour du Parc (Guernsey's tower block :)) are opposite.

Art N Soul is situated at 21 Mansell Street at the top of Mill Street, it makes the V where the road divides, the left goes up to Trinity church and the right goes up to Contree Mansell Stores.

Practice highlights at a glance  

  • A broad range of therapies available
  • The latest Bio frequency equipment
  • A relaxed and professional atmosphere
  • Personal care from a well-trained specialist
  • Disabled access available


I offer tailor-made treatments for pain relief, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation.

Check out which therapy is right for you

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