Specialised help for systemic problems and to aid internal regulation.

What Is Reflexology?

Foot reflexology is based on the theory that pressure applied to specific points on the feet, stimulates corresponding areas in other parts of the body. This type of stimulation is believed to help normalize function and increase circulation in the part of the body targeted.


Reflex Touch can be extremely effective for:

    ▪     Stress-related conditions

    ▪     Back Pain

    ▪     Migraine

    ▪     Arthritis

    ▪     Sleep disorders

    ▪     Hormonal imbalances

    ▪     Muscular problems

    ▪    Digestive disorders

    ▪    Respiratory disorders


Sam specialises in Morrell Reflex Touch, which is a variation on typical Reflexology created by Patricia Morrell.


How is Morrell Reflex Touch different?

One misconception about Reflexxology is that a lot of force must be used to obtain better results, however Morrell Reflex Touch has proved this wrong. Using delicate subtle touch, predominantly on the feet, and sensitive exploration of the body's electromagnetic field, the Morrell Reflex Touch offers individuals a very gentle, relaxing way to bring balance and harmony back to the body. This in turn allows each andevery cell in the body to work more efficently.

Trials in a hospital in Cardiff, UK concluded that patients receiving this therapy were able to go home earlier and took less pain relief medication. There are numerous ailments with which this wonderful treatment can help ranging from the never ending plague of back problems, hormonal confusion, digestive upsets to some of the many depths of emotional despair and stress that our society has become accustomed to.


It is a treatment that is very safe and gentle suitable for everyone from birth to the end of life. It is also safe for pregnant women, who find it most relaxing and helpful during their pregnancy and especially prior to the birth of their baby.


Where has Reflexology been implemented?


Over the past 10 years, reflexology has become one of the most popular complementary therapies to be used by Cancer patients for help with the relief of the many side effects of treatment and the disease itself.


It can support all of the organs and body systems that are working hard during a time of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. More than anything else, it provides time for the patient to be away from a clinical setting and have the space for relaxation and rejuvenation.- A time when the body can rest and start to heal itself.


Exploring our feet through self-reflexology can be an easy and free way to support our mind, body and spirit.
Our feet are home to literally thousands of nerve endings and almost seventy acupuncture points, which is why foot reflexology is so effective. By massaging and stimulating specific areas on the soles of our feet, we can provide general support for our entire body, improve sleep patterns, increase physical and mental wellbeing and also alleviate chronic conditions such as sinusitis and digestive upset. Although it is wonderful to work with an experienced foot reflexologist whenever possible, we can also develop a practice of treating ourselves to a self-reflexology treatment if we take some time for this purpose before we begin our day or in the evening to relax before going to bed.

There are a number of different ways to work the soles of your feet, including walking barefoot on river stones, rolling each foot over a golf or tennis ball, or just using your fingers and hands to massage your feet. When starting a reflexology session, it's a good idea to begin with loosening up your ankles – rotate each foot clockwise then counterclockwise about ten times. You might also want to pinch the end of your toes, which can increase circulation and drainage in your sinuses and stimulate your pituitary and pineal glands. Then you can begin massaging the ball of your foot, the arch, and the heel. If you find that an area is tender, it may indicate some distress or dysfunction occurring in the corresponding area of the body. You may want to explore what is going on with that organ or system.

Whether we are able to spend just a few minutes a day on this kind of self-care or a full half hour, our efforts are never wasted. By taking responsibility for our own health and taking time every day to connect with our body, we can not only assist our body in letting go of stress and dysfunction, but we can also continue to support an ongoing sense of wellness and vitality.



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