The simple task of walking is a pleasure once again.


Pain and swelling on my right foot, walking was extremely painful.  Sam was extremely professional and gave explanations as the treatment progressed.


The workings of the human body is a mystery - but miraculously the pressure points seem to have responded to the treatment and my recovery has ressponded to the treatment and my recovery has estored my life back to normality.

Sandra Niven


My head felt odd!

 Standing still made me feel like I might collapse, I avoided shopping, driving at times as I felt odd, so didnt always want to drive.


Now I know what causes the symptoms, I can mentally handle how I feel , before I found it very frightening and had panic attacks.

If my Jaw goes out now I know what it is and I don't "freak out" I know whats wrong and that it can be fixed.

Sharon Powell

Over the past two decades I have suffered with neck and shoulder issues which at times, on occasions, resulted in immobilisation.  Sam Roze has been instrumental in not only alleviating the pain but also in showing me how to avoid 'putting my neck out'.


I see Sam four or five times a year for Bowen Therapy and cannot remember the last time I suffered REAL pain.

Her caring and understanding nature complements her extraordinary capabilities perfectly, I cannot recommend her enough.


Lisa Vidamour



Athlete: Since having Bowen Therapy my foot injury has disapeared, and all my other ailments have improved or completely gone.  I would recommend it to everyone.


I've been getting treatment for assorted ailments from an assortment of therapist over the years.


Sam is now looking after me as I prepare  for some long, HARD running.


Stuart Hardy.


40 marathons in 40 days


Pain in the Bum!

I am a builder and own my company, which is still in the early stages of of establishing itself.  I have sacralisation of L5, but also degeneration of disc's L4-L5 which pinches the nerve, this sends my lower half into spasm.

I have been in horrendous pain and discomfort and the only treatment which has enabled me to carry on doing manual labour these last few years is my monthly top-up of Bowen, which without would be disasterous for my small company.


Prevention is better then cure.


I suffered from SPD during the last 2 weeks of my first pregnancy, my son was one year old before it cleared up, inspite of regular treatment with physios and a back specialist.


I was in a lot of pain, it felt as if my pelvis would snap in two. It prevented me from driving, doing any type of exercise, and hindered some of the things I wanted to do with my new born baby.


When the symptoms flared up again in week 20 of my second pregnancy, someone recommended Bowen treatment. At last I had discovered a treatment that worked, and the most amazing thing was the results were instant. I have had 4 monthly treatments which I found to be relaxing, they have also eased any worrys I may have had during my pregnancy as sam realigns my pelvis each session.


I am confident now that I will be able to enjoy my new born baby this time round without any of the pain of the pain I suffered first time round.




Hi Sam,

Just a quick e-mail to say that I think you were bang on the money about my tight hamstrings. I've been stretching the hell out of them over the past few days and so far (even with block laying at the weekend ) my back and pelvis are holding up 100% better. I'm a different person to who I was this time last week!

I've never had any hamstrings problems as such and it certainly never occurred to me that they were so tight that they were pulling my pelvis out all the time.

You're a star. Thanks again.
Matt Harvey


Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction

I am so grateful to have found Bowen Therapy, it is the only treatment that has given me relief from my S.P.D and being pregnant.  I have found the treatment to be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.


Thank-you so much Sam.

I decided to try bowen therapy after months of injury resulting in a number of aches and pain.  I didn’t know much about the treatment but Sam quickly put me at ease.  As I have a physically demanding job and spend many hours training, it’s fair to say I have challenged Sam.  However, Sam’s knowledge of the human body is vast and her years of experience in the industry are obvious when she needs to delve a little deeper.  Sam adopts a holistic approach sometimes advising on other areas which might contribute to a more speedy rehabilitation.  I am definitely in a much better physical condition than when I first met Sam some months ago and would happily recommend her


                               Bowditch Fitness & Nutrition
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" Each time I come to the clinic, I get my body balanced again and feel instantly relaxed"





" Using the Bowen Technique for a back pain which I had endured for over two weeks, relief was evident after the first session and I had a greatly improved range of movement the next day"


"Reflexology was a very interesting experience.  As my feet were massaged, the sensation of floating was sheer bliss.  It took my mind and body to a different place.


"what makes Sam so special is her talent.  This talent, combined with her general health knowledge and intuitive feeling for the body results in unique treatments which I have come to rely on"








Sam Roze's considerate sympathetic approach to her patients well being is the first step of treatment.  I feel safe in her hands and confident that the treatment I receive will ultimately improve my health.  her friendly manner and genuine concern is very reassuring.


Margaret Richards



 I have been attending Sam's Clinic over a period of approx 2yrs, for back and neck problems and I have received treatment known as the Bowen Technique, which has been both professionally done and in a relaxed enviroment.  The result has been most beneficial with almost complete pain relief and ease of movement after treatment, which is so reasonable in price.  I can highly recommend Sam's professional care and support and gentle manner at all times.


     Maralyn Falla




"I've been having various treatments with Sam over the course of many years.
I always come away feeling so uplifted and energised. Sam's depth of
experience in giving Bowen therapy seems to be ever increasing - I can feel
the effects of this powerful treatment even as it's happening. It's
wonderful to feel the tension leaving muscles that have been tight for a
long time, replacing this with warm tingling energy. I recommend her
treatments wholeheartedly and always enjoy her great sense of humour!"


Eugenie Heraty



As of 3rd June I am based at The Original Alternative, North Esplanade, St. Peter Port, GY1 2LQ

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