Stretch Mark reduction with LipoGenie


Treat unsightly stretch marks with LipoGenie

Stretch marks which are result of the tearing of the dermis are usually caused by sudden weight loss or gain, often but not exclusively due to pregnancy. Stretch marks can sap body confidence but the LipoGenie can dramatically reduce their visibility by optimising healing of the tissue for great cosmetic results.

It works by using laser light to modulate the activity of the cells within the dermis through biochemical response. Low Level Laser has a number of positive effects on soft tissue repair and is used in hospitals across the world to improve wound healing and soft tissue repair.

Its effects include:

  • Improvement of fibroblast proliferation and quality
  • Collagen production and support
  • Increasing elasticity of tissue in scars or adhesions
  • Reduction of hyper-pigmentation

Stretch marks indicate cell damage and fibroblasts are key to cell repair so the stretch mark protocols used by the LipoGenie focus on laser’s influence on supporting these. The treatment utilises 3 laser cluster probes in succession following light dermabrasion with cream and should be repeated once or twice a week until the desired effect is achieved or improvement reaches a plateau.

A course of 6 treatment sessions has proved to be most beneficial in clinic testing. Much research work has been done on addressing scarring with low level laser and although effects can be achieved with long-standing damage, best results are found with treatment in early stages. This is confirmed by clinical experience of particularly good results being achieved in the treatment of fresh red stretch marks so new mothers present a group who could benefit enormously from this LipoGenie application. With one baby apparently born every minute the potential market is pretty extensive!

Ceasarian scars can also be improved with the application of laser therapy – call for more information.

LipoGenie for stretch marks

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