Smoking Cessation with LipoGenie


Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest culprits in damaging our skin. Those who would love to give up but struggle with nicotine cravings are ideal candidates for this laser acupuncture application of the LipoGenie.

The focused beam of a suitable laser can be used to stimulate acupuncture points and it is primarily this action which underlies the LipoGenie’s smoking cessation application. However, you don’t need to be an acupuncturist to successfully undertake this well-defined non-invasive laser treatment. With detailed tested training on how to undertake the treatment and also on how to manage clients through the difficult process of giving up smoking, this packaged solution is now available to cosmetic clinics - helping them to help clients not to undermine their beauty investment by smoking!

Cravings, lack of willpower and irritability are the three major obstacles to overcome when stopping smoking and are quite often the main reasons for starting again. As well as stimulating the acupuncture points relevant to addressing addiction, laser therapy has been proved to independently elevate endorphin levels (as nicotine does). Together these effects reduce or eliminate the physical cravings usually experienced, presenting a reduced challenge for the smoker’s will power, better mood, and a fighting chance of quitting for good.

Treatment sessions involve the smoker attending the clinic 4 times over a couple of weeks for approximately 30 minutes.

Clinics report figures of around 70-80% for initial smoking cessation with sustained levels a year on at around 40-50% of the original group. The latest published controlled medical research supports this with the 4 session programme resulting in 79% initial quit rate of which 51% were smoke free 6 months later. These figures compare favourably with alternative smoking cessation treatments and, of course represent the numbers free from the nicotine addiction as well as the habit of smoking, unlike many of the nicotine replacement programme statistics.

The treatment is entirely pain-free with most reporting no sensation at all but a feeling of relaxation. At the points of application the probes simply rest upon the skin and the light is passed into the body. Physiological effects are biological responses to light – these lasers are not the type used to cut or burn. It is completely safe in use with eye protection worn during treatment because of the eye’s special sensitivity and hence vulnerability to intense light.

LipoGenie’s smoking cessation application is not a magic wand and clients must want to be non-smokers but if they do but cravings are making it impossible for them, then this treatment will truly help them achieve a smoke-free life.


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