Eye Bag reduction with the LipoGenie

Eye Bags

Treat eye bags

Low intensity laser as delivered by the LipoGenie can reduce the appearance of eye bags and of puffiness and discolouration in the skin around the eyes to striking rejuvenating effect.

Eye Bags and dark circles are the visible signs of a number of factors including peri-orbital oedema, a distended and loose fat pad, sagging of inelastic skin, capillary show-through or hyper-pigmentation and poor microcirculation. They are caused by a range of factors from aging to hormonal variations and simple lack of sleep.

Low level laser is able to ameliorate these symptoms resulting in reduced volume of eye-bags and visibility of associated dark circles. The LipoGenie stimulates the lymphatic drainage, improves blood microcirculation and energises the cells of the dermis aiding cellular repair where deterioration is evident.

Laser therapy works by using specific wavelengths and densities of laser light. For this application, wavelengths from two parts of the spectrum, invisible infra-red and visible red-light, are selected since they have been proven in research to achieve the following effects:

  • Increasing and thickening of collagen fibriles as well as increasing fibroblasts and their biosynthetic capacity,
  • Reducing the localised presence of extracellular fluid by stimulation of the lymphatic system and modulation of blood flow,
  • Diminishing hyper-pigmentation, improving skin thickness and microcirculation all of which can improve dark circles.

The treatment involves application of two different lasers to points around each eye using single probes in succession with the eyes protected by shields provided. It is completely pain-free and involves no hazard with eye protection in place. It supports the natural capabilities of skin rather than challenging it and achieves results without the increased susceptibility to infection present with ablative techniques or the potential for scarring from surgery or inexpertly undertaken ablation. Results do vary according to the balance of causal factors but for many there is remarkable enhancement and even when the degree of positive effect is more subtle we find that customers still recognise and appreciate the improvement.

Although innovative in the cosmetic field, the treatment is scientifically based with proven cellular effects demonstrated in medical research. Clinics report results showing quickly after treatment and maintenance and further improvement achievable through a series of applications.

The treatment can be undertaken in less than 20 minutes, there is no mess and no downtime for the client and so it is an ideal treatment for those with little time - great for lunchtime pop-ins and therefore with terrific earning capacity for the clinic.


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