What most women don't know about Breast Health!

(Lymphatic Drainage)


Breast congestion, caused by a stagnation in the lymphatic system in this area, is one to the potential precursors to Breast Cancer. However, there are some measures that women can take to limit this as Lymphatic movement can be slowed by ill-fitting bras.


Here are 4 tips to help promote Lymphatic Drainage:


  1. Stop wearing Underwired-bras. These can create a level of restriction that promotes this hermful stagnation. If removing the underwires entirely is too much trouble then at least allow your breats as much 'wire free' time as possible, to encourage movement of the lymph in this area.
  2. Get your bras fitted by a professional. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! Whilst this will help to ensure that you aren't wearing a bra that's cutting into your shoulders or not giving you any support at all, these are still generally tight fitting around the truck of the body and can cause 'bra fat' which is actually trapped lymph fluid! This leads onto the next point which is..
  3. Wear a bra extender. This attaches to the clips that already exist on your bra and give you more room to 'breathe' whilst also allowing more of the trapped lymph fluid to drain.
  4. Try Body Brushing. This is another way to help encourage movement of the lymph as well as removal of dead surface skin in this area.

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