Bowen for the whole family

Diagnosed as asthmatic at the age of two months, James was having to use is facial pump up to four times a day. He seemed to have a permanent cold and cough, was wheezing all the time and regularly suffered from croup.  His mother heard about the Bowen Technique, a complementary therapy that involves a series of mainly gentle movements.  After three treatments the wheezing had gone and James no longer needed his pump.  His health inproved dramatically.


That's just one of the many stories I've heard as a Bowen Therapist.  There are many examples of the therapy making a significant difference across a whole range of conditions, enhancing the lives of the people who are treated and their families.


Bowen can support a family during conception, Pregnancy and beyond.  It can help women with breast pain, pre-eclampsia, symphysispubic dysfynction, malposition or malpresentation, perineal discomfort, haemorrhoids or mastitis.


Bowen for Babies

Baby Bowen consists of a series of moves specifically formulated for babies suffering fom colic.  The treatment has a high success rate for relieving colic and the colic is often resolved after just 1 visit.


"I first attended Sam's clinic when I was pregnant with my son and suffering with back pain. After one treatment I experienced immediate relief and after a follow up appointment, the pain, which had been present for months, never returned. When my son Harry was born he sufffered with colicky pains, waking him up every hour and a half throughout the night, so I decided to take him to see Sam for Bowen threapy. After one treatment, the results were instantaneous, Harry was able to get rid of his wind more easily and immediately began sleeping for six to eight hour stretches at night. Harry thoroughly enjoyed the treatment as Sam has such a wonderful manner with babies and I have to say Harry loved her! I can highly recommend Sam and Bowen therapy for both pregnant mums and their babies."
 - Jenny James



As of 3rd June I am based at The Original Alternative, North Esplanade, St. Peter Port, GY1 2LQ

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