Bowen Technique:

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Bowen Technique


What is Bowen?

The Bowen Technique originated in Australia and was brought to Britain in 1993. Since then it has become one of Europe's fastest-growing complementary therapies. A Bowen treatment's aim is to release tension in the body, in order that healing, realigning and balancing can take place.


How does it work?

There are several theories as to how Bowen works.  Many of the moves made by a Bowen practitioner are on recognised trigger points, accupuncture points and meridians, neurolymphatic reflex points, golgi receptor cells and joint proprioreceptors.  One of the most profound effects Bowen can have is on the automatic nervous system- which controls over 80% of bodily functions- releasing stress at a very deep level.


For several years now, BTER (the governing body for Bowen) has organised national studies researching the efects of Bowen on migraine, asthma and frozen shoulder. The BTER aims to provide quantifiable, rather than anecdotal, evidence of the effectiveness of Bowen. 


Their latest project (2005 and 2007) followed the effects of Bowen on back pain. These both showed that more than 90% of people treated experienced either complete or significant relief after three treatments. The oldest client was 91 years old and estimated that the condition had improved by at least 80% after three treatments. 


BTER's Christine Burd comments: "The Bowen therapists involved know that their more mature clients-or clients with chronic conditions-are likely to experience even better results after a number of additional sessions."


How can it help?

Bowen has been shown to help with muscular and skeletal problems such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, whiplash, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and sports injuries- but also with such problems as Arthritis, Asthma, Hayfever, Eczema, Migraine, IBS, Stress and even fertility problems.


It can help babies with colic or clicky hips, young children who have glue ear or earache, who bed-wet, or who suffer from allergies, Croup, Psoriasis or sinusitis, and those who suffered trauma or exhibit behavioural problems such as ADHD.  Several practitioners specialise in helping children affected by Cerebal palsy, Dyspraxia or Autism, MS, and, ME with very positive results.


There are numerous examples of the therapy making significant difference in: reducing or eliminating pain, improving quality of life, enabling clients to resume their normal active lives or to return to work.



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