The Treatment


Here is the generalised proceedure for a Reflexology treatment, which normally take around an hour:


  1. The first visit involves a consultation in order to establish your present and past health history.
  2. You will be made comfortable on the treatment couch, shoes and socks are then removed.
  3. Then using hands, gentle pressure is applied to the feet, looking for subtle changes in the reflex points. The temperature, colour and texture of the feet is also observed to help gain a further understanding of your needs.
  4. Working these areas may affect the corresponding organ or body system and the patient/client may notice some sensations during the treatment.
  5. It is vital to receive feedback following the treatment, as this will illustrate the body’s response and help to determine how best to plan and proceed with future treatments, as a very personalised care is provided.


After a treatment, most people feel a sense of well-being and relaxation. Some people feel tired and lethargic and others tearful, but these feelings are transitory and a part of the healing process. The subtle, gentle moves work on the organs and body systems being affected, bringing comfort and some temporary symptom relief whilst promoting deep relaxation.

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