Menopause Naturally Treatment Program:

Mix and match any of our treatments

Most women seeking treatment for menopausal problems will find their symptoms are alleviated by a combination of complementary therapies and each client on our Menopause Naturally program is treated as an individual. The improvments seen on this program include, but are not limited to:

  • reduced hot flushes,
  • enhanced libido,
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • increased energy and concentration,
  • elevated mood
  • improved memory
  • and generally feeling better with yourself


This package is based and priced as a six week plan but can be adapted to eight, or twelve week plan, to suit your personal needs as each treatment plan in individually constructed and tailored. This is done during a consultation which assesses both your symptoms and your desired treatment to start you on your Menopause Naturally journey.


The treatment plan can be adjusted as your body changes. For example, both Reflexology and Bowen Therapy helps with hormone imbalance and menopause symptoms respond particularly well to these treatments. Other available treatments are as follows:


 1Natural Cold Beam 3b laser for eye lift and jowl lift, wrinkle and brown spot reduction leaves you with a more youthful glow.

2.  Full body Lymphatic Drainage/detox with the Light Beam Generator and MLD combined for increased effectivness and decrease in fluid retention.

3Bowen Therapy, to release your soft tissue along with any aches and pains usually two treatments needed.

4. Arthritis treatment with the 3b cold beam laser.

5. Reflexology, to balance hormones this treatment can also be combined with the Light Beam Generator for detoxification and fluid retention reduction.



Week 1: A consultation to assess client's needs and expectatins and first treatment of choice.

               ie. Reflexology and the Light Beam Generator.

Week 2: Cold Beam Laser facial.

Week 3: Bowen Therapy complete MOT part 1.

Week 4: Bowen Therapy complete MOT part 2.

Week 5: Full body Lymphatic Drainage/Detox.

Week 6: Arthitis Treatment with Cold Beam Laser.


Additional weeks and treatment can be added.

The cost of this treatment package is £445.00  based on a 6 week program.


As a Health Show Offer, book this treatment plan before March and you can choose a free treatment of your choice to add as an extra to your plan.


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"The Bowen therapist, using only thumbs and fingers, makes subtle but dynamic rolling movements over muscles, tendons and soft tissue at precise points on the body."

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