Facials with the LipoGenie



Natural non-invasive laser facial

* Stimulates organised collagen (reduce fine lines and wrinkles)

* Lifts the contours of the face

* Drains fluid build up, removing puffiness

* The natural low level laser facial, helps increase the production of collagen, tighten and tone the skin and facial muscles, reduce puffiness, fine line and wrinkles.

* Refines and rejuvenate the skin

* Natural non-invasive low level laser facial. Bring a lift to the contours of the face and eyes

SPECIAL OFFER - Add Facial jowl reduction for £10

"The Bowen therapist, using only thumbs and fingers, makes subtle but dynamic rolling movements over muscles, tendons and soft tissue at precise points on the body."

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From 15th May 2017

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