The LipoGenie is usually recommended within this clinic for Arthritis Pain Relief but it actually can be used for many other conditions and treatments




The LipoGenie is a non-invasive, Low-level laser treatment that allows for drug-free, natural pain relief. It helps to trigger normal cell function by photo-chemically acting with an infrared light beam on the skin.


It has been medically proven to improve circulation, providing maximum nutrition and oxygen to the body, and increasing the activity of the following cells, which are involved in healing and repair processes:


Macro Phage' Cells -Large scavenger cells that digest invading organism and cell debris.

'Fibroblast Cells - connective tissue cells that give rise to cells that are the precursors of bone, collagen and other connective tissue.

Mast Cells - are released in response to injury, inflammation and allergic reaction, and are involved in the repair process.

Endorphins - are naturally occurring chemicals in the brain involved in relieving or eliminating pain and enhancing pleasure.

Lymphocyte Cells -  white blood cells that produce anti-bodies and increase immunity and fight infection.

Prostaglandins -  a hormone like fatty acid that triggers off many internal body functions.


Medical treatments

* Relieves pain from Arthritis - joint mobilization and re-stimulation of natural healing system to treat current problem and alleviate future progression of this painful condition.

* Joint pain, Back pain, Muscle tension

* Tissue repair/Heals injuries

* Sports injuries

* Relieve trapped nerves



SAFE AND EFFECTIVE LipoGenie is non-invasive low lever laser application. It has been used for some 25 years for a range of medical applications in the NHS and private clinics without any negative side effects. It is made by UK's longest established medical standard low level laser manufacturer.



The LipoGenie is usually recommended within this clinic for Arthritis Pain Relief but it actually can be used for many other conditions and treatments, such as:

  • Facials
  • Decreasing eye bags
  • Reducing stretch marks
  • Smoking cessation

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